When it comes to Music players for android, Poweramp is highly recommended for people who like an app with a sleek interface and those who like to tinker around with equalizer and other advanced audio settings.

PowerAmp has a clever interface. The background of the app changes color hues according to the album art of the current music track. This makes the album art seamlessly blend with the app. Like most players, the app has its music playback controls at the bottom, but Poweramp goes a step further and provides you details about the song’s bitrate and frequency as well. You can customize the player looks with  themes, choose what information is displayed in the main screen, change icons and you can also control various animations from the settings.

Poweramp provides a beautiful graphic interface for the equalizer as well as the tone and volume controls. The user gets separate dials for Bass and Treble adjustment and can customize stereo expansion, mono mixing, balance, crossfade, gapless and replay gain as per choice.

The Poweramp music player stands its own ground among the competition with a unique and engaging user interface and the sheer amount of control it allows over the sound output.

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