When it comes to managing an Android device, you are limited in options. Brands such as Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony have their own device management software but you are often required to connect the phone to the computer over a USB cable.

Using a free app called AirDroid, you get rid of messy cables to transfer photos, files and other between a computer and your Android device. You can do this on any computer using just a web browser – the only requirement is that both the phone and the computer have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The setup is relatively simple – install AirDroid on your Android device from the Google Play Store and then launch the application. Once the application is running, open a browser window on your computer and enter the address “web.airdroid.com”. A website will open with an authentication QR code, you can use that or enter the security key shown on the phone in the browser – either way lets you securely connect the Android device to your computer.

After connection, the browser displays a Windows like desktop screen with icons for various utilities and fucntion. You can transfer data to and from the Android device, install apps, send and receive SMS and even reject an incoming call – all from your home/pc desktop browser wirelessly.

Other than the connection window, the app also has a section on Tools where you can view device details, generate a WiFi hotspot, setup USB tethering or use the file manager to manage your Android filesystem. You can also view which apps are taking how much storage, setup remote access power saving mode or setup a screen lock. A Find my Phone feature is also built-in – user can search, lock or wipe his Android device remotely.

Overall AirDroid is a must have app for all Android users –  highly recommended for its utility and function.

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