Most backup apps for Android save data and apps (apk files) but not your music, videos, photos and system settings. This could be an issue if you plan to move to a new Android device and do not want to waste time in copying your media files individually on to the new phone. My Backup Pro app ($4.99) is one of the best backup apps that will save most content on your device.

A good thing about the interface of My Backup Pro is that it does not complicate the backup process. You can take a fresh backup of your applications and media as well as your personal data onto the device storage. You can view existing backup files under My Backup or set up automatic backup using the built-in scheduler.

The Migrate feature makes switching from one device to another simple. You need to connect both devices to the same WiFi network and then choose the Migrate option on both devices. Select the data from your old device that you want to transfer and it will automatically be migrated over to the new devices over WiFi.

The app also offers free cloud storage to backup your data. You can head over to, sign in to your personal account to view the backup data. There is also an option to launch the backup process on your personal device from the web site.

You can backup your contacts, call logs, SMS/MMS, calendar, music, photos, videos, alarms, home screen settings, bookmarks, music play lists and even network data settings using the app. A free Lite version is also available that limits backup and restore on one device – useful if you plan to reset your device to factory settings and then restore your data.

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