Most people have their personal data such as contacts, pictures, text messages, etc on the phone or tablet. However, in the case of device failure or when you are switching to a new phone, transferring all this data can become a problem. With the Easy Backup app for Android, you can backup all your data as well as apps easily and quickly

Easy Backup is a simple app that gives you the option schedule automatic backups. You can set the data you want to save, where you want to save it and the number of days after which the backup should be taken.

The backup option lets you save your SMS/MMS, call logs, calendar events, bookmarks and contacts. You can choose where to save the backup – they can be saved in the external SD card storage, Gmail, Dropbox or Google Drive. You do however need to setup access to your Gmail, Dropbox and Google drive on the app before saving your backup. The backup progress bar display the number of entries backed up in each category. A full device backup takes a few minutes depending upon the amount of data.

The process for restoring backup works in a similar way – choose the backup file, select the data to be restored and the phone will be restored with the data in a few minutes.

Apps backup tab display all your installed app and you can select which apps you want to backup. The app then saves the apk installer files of each app to your SD card. There is also an option to save System apps on your device that can be enabled from the settings menu. You can select individual apps or all of them for backup or restore.

The Easy Backup app is ad supported.

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