The number of devices powered by power efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon processors has steadily been increasing but battery life is still an issue for most Android devices. To take care of this issue, Qualcomm launched a free Battery saver app called BatteryGuru.

The app starts with a two-day learning mode – it learns how you use the phone, when you charge it and how long do you charge it. After that, it automatically starts optimizing background apps and services to improve the device’s battery life.

Among other things, it automatically switches WiFi on/off and your data connection as per your usage pattern. It also lets you set when an app connects to the Internet to refresh content – you can choose it to do that everytime you launch the app or in the background automatically. Depending upon your settings, the network usage may come down which in turn improves the battery life.

The main interface displays the remaining battery time along with various tips and a meter showing how much battery the app has saved. The apps segment displays list of apps and how much battery each of them is using. You also get the option to place a widget on your home screen that display your battery level and lets you toggle various services (data connection, WiFi, background data sync, etc) and adjust the brightness.

We noticed a battery improvement of up to two hours after a few days usage. The only issue is that the app is restricted to devices running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The app is ad free.

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