An issue with listening/watching Podcasts is to keep a track of them across multiplatform devices. If you subscribe to a podcast on your Android phone, you would like it to show up on your iPad or Android tablet as well and vice versa.

Pocket Casts is a $3.99 app that offers seamless sync of your subscribed podcasts between iOS and Android device. You can create a free account and your subscription list will automatically sync across all devices over the cloud.

The app has a streamlined interface that is easy to navigate and manage podcasts. The main page displays a grid of album art thumbnails. If there is a new episode in a podcast, the thumbnail displays a red tag with a number of episodes that are unplayed on the grid – this makes it easy to identify new content.

Selecting a podcast displays the various episodes along with title, download size, playback time and date of air. There are two ways to add podcasts in the app. You can tap the large plus button on top to add podcasts via link or use the discover section of the app. It also has a search bar to find podcasts on specific topics.

Pocket Casts provides users with smart playlists that makes it easy to sort podcasts. Episodes can be downloaded or directly streamed as per user preference. A good thing is Pocket Casts can start playing an episode even while its being downloaded in the background. The app offers variable playback speed ranging between 0.5x – 3x that makes it easy to quickly go through an episode when required.

Combining a great user interface, fantastic features and cross platform sync, Pocket Casts is highly recommended for Podcast users.

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