Vimium is a must-have Chrome extension for power users. It lets you browse the web and also control the browser using keyboard shortcuts that are inspired by Vim, the favorite text editor of programmers.

Let’s say you are on the page with 10 links. Now instead of using the mouse to click a link, you can hit the “f” key on your keyboard and it will highlight all the links with small labels likes AB, KA, FF, etc. If you wish to open a link, just type the characters of the label and the link will open.

Similarly, while you are on a page, press T to open a new tab page. Or press O to open a URL from your bookmarks. Press T to cycle through all the tabs open in your Chrome.

The list of keyboard shortcuts is long but you can press ? to see the full list. There’s a learning curve involved if you have never used Vim before but it may well be worth the effort.

There’s support regular expressions too when searching for text inside web pages.

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