Most newer Android devices allow you to take screenshots using hardware keys. Most Android 4.0 devices either use Power + Home or Power + Volume down keys to take a screenshot. However, the free ScreenShot Ultimate app makes things simpler by offering various additional triggers to take a screenshot.

On first run, the app automatically tries to detect the various triggers available on your device. It then notifies you if the device support hardware key combo to take a screenshot. If you have a rooted device, the app runs flawlessly. However, if you device is not rooted, the app gives you step-by-step instructions to enable Screenshot functionality on your device without rooting it.

The main page displays three options – Take Screenshot, Screenshots and Settings. Take screenshot gives you a three second countdown timer after which it takes a screenshot of the device. Screenshots opens up a gallery of all the screenshots taken using the app.

The app’s settings section lets you set the default save location of screenshots along with the filename syntax and the image format (jpg/png). You also get access to set the various Trigger methods for the app. You can set an overlay button to be visible on the screen, choose to trigger a screenshot when the phone is shaken or via an audio command. Other triggers include screenshot when power is connected/disconnected, at regular intervals, using a web server, using a hardware camera button, long click on search button or by using a widget.

While the app is very useful it is ad supported. Strip ads are visible throughout the app window.

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