Have you ever been in a situation when you want to send a file from your computer to your phone or tablet but did not have a USB cable around? Enter, PushBullet, a free app that lets you send links and transfer files between devices.

Pushbullet lets you easily send links of web pages, Google Maps addresses, text notes, checklists or even push files from your Google Chrome browser to your Android phone. You hit the Push button in your browser and the notification instantly appears on the Android device.

The reverse route works as well. So you can easily push photos, links and other stuff from the phone to your computer via the Chrome browser.

Push Bullet connects your browser and your phone through your Google Account though you also have the option to associate multiple Google Accounts with the same instance of PushBullet.

You can also push data to your friends who do not use PushBullet as well. Once you send them anything, they will be notified on email to install PushBullet and after they install the app, they can download the file.

One more thing. Push Bullet can mirror all the notifications appearing in your Android phone on to your desktop computer though Chrome notifications. Thus if you get an SMS or there’s a missed call and the phone isn’t around, you’ll still get to know through Chrome.

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