Torrent clients on Desktop computers offer a plethora of features but the torrent apps for mobile have limited functionality. The free tTorrent app stands out from the usual crop of mobile torrent clients by offering majority of features usually found on desktop clients.

The app’s main window displays your entire torrent list. You also have separate tabs to view torrents that are downloading or the completed. For each torrent, it shows a progress bar, seeders/peers and an estimated download time. A useful feature is that on the main page it also displays free space available on your device as well as download/upload speed of the network connection. There are also shortcuts for search, RSS subscriptions and magnet links.

Where the app shines is with the number of settings it offers. You can set maximum active download and seeds, select a torrent search engine of your choice, force a recheck and even adjust download priority. Additionally, you can choose a directory to save downloads and set options to move the downloaded files to a different directory after completion. Network settings allow you to set download and upload limits, encryption, and other advanced features for better seeder connectivity and UPnP port mapping.

You can also optimize the app to launch at boot, shutdown when all downloads complete and to stop downloading after a specific battery limit.

The free version of the app is ad-supported – visible strip ads at the bottom of the interface It also limits download speed to 250kB/s which can be removed by purchasing the Pro version of the app for US$ 3.99.

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