Ever need to set a quick reminder without having to fire that calendar or to-do app on your phone?

With FollowUpThen, you can create custom reminders by simply sending an email message to a particular message. For instance, send an email message to 2weeks@followupthen.com and it resend that message to you after two weeks.

Similarly, if there’s a message in your mailbox that you need to act on, say, after a month – just forward that entire message to 1month@followupthem.com and it will magically reappear in your mailbox after a month.

To setup a recurring reminder, you can send the message to an address like everymonday@followupthen.com or every10th@followupthen.com for getting a reminder every 10th of a month.

FollowUpThen is a free service though the premium option allows to you create SMS reminders as well.

FollowUp.cc is also a good alternative to FollowUpThen.

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