Some people prefer to keep detailed records of their daily expenses along with receipts and other payment proofs. The free Expensify app makes tracking expenses easier and it can also be used for filing expense reports when you are back from an official trip.

The app requires a free sign-up on first launch. Once logged in, you can add expenses manually by entering various details including Merchant name, category, tags and currency. For those who do not like to manually enter all the details, Expensify comes with a built-in scanner. You can take a picture of the receipt using your phone’s camera and then all the details are automatically added to your entry.

Additionally, you can email receipts to a predefined address – they will be scanned and added into your account automatically. You can also login to your account on the Expensify website and upload receipts to your account.

Other than receipts, the mobile app also lets you track time and distance in monetary terms. You can also add a trip by sending your itinerary to an email address – it will be scanned and you will get free flight status alerts as well as automatic expenses report. All your expenditures can be then viewed under the Expenses tab while detailed analysis can be read in Reports.

The Expensify website dashboard offers more features like importing data from credit card and bank statement,or for generating detailed reports and analysis. You can even connect to other apps such as Evernote and Salesforce to import data into Expensify.

While the app offers tons of feature and options, it is slightly complicated to use for beginners. There are no visible ads in the free version, but you are limited to just 10 scan a month.

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