Poor battery life is the most common complaint among Android users. While you can find various battery saver apps on the Google Play Store, the free DU Battery Saver app is a step above the rest.

DU Batter Saver has a simple user interface where you can see the approximate battery left along with the time remaining, temperature, voltage and the capacity of the battery. A daily usage graph is visible at the bottom that makes it easy to figure out the time of the day during which the battery consumption is high.

The ‘Optimize’ section offers various recommendations to enable/disable features that can increase your battery life. You can enable a preset battery saver mode or create your own mode with your choice of services enabled.

A great feature is the monitor section that displays a list of apps arranged on the basis of battery consumption. You can even stop apps running in the background from this window. It monitors your hardware – screen display, radio, CPU, GPS, etc and offers quick access to settings available on your device to optimize each of them.

The app places a widget on your home screen for one-click battery optimization. The widget closes running background apps to improve battery. You can also set the app to notify you for charging or changing power saving modes.

Depending upon the mode you choose, the app can extend your battery life from half an hour to two hours. The app is ad free.

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