I have tried several file manager apps for Android and File Wrangler is my favorite. The app has a minimal beautiful interface and supports nearly all features that you would normally find in Windows Explorer or Finder of your Mac.

File Wrangler has a dual browser pane and you can drag and drop files and folders from one pane to other. The interface is optimized for both mobile phones and tablet screens.

The files and folders can be added to Quick Draw – a favorites like feature to help you quickly access your most used folders. You can select a file and choose Info from the settings menu to know everything about the file from the size, the file type, the date when it was created and its exact path on your Android file system.

You can also compress files and folders for sharing the archive via Bluetooth, email and other sharing options. File Wrangler includes a built-in archiver app to uncompress ZIP and TAR files.

The app has no ads and there are no in-app purchase options either.

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