The calculator app included in your Android devices has a basic interface that is good enough for most users but there’s an even better alternative that lets you perform advanced calculations. The app is called MyScript Calculator.

Unlike other calculator apps, MyScript does mimic a real-world calculator – there’s no numeric keypad or a tiny digital number display. Instead you get a blank canvas and you can start scribbling on it using your fingers – it like using a pen and paper to do calculations.

As you scribble, the app automatically detects and converts the numbers and calculation symbols into digital text. It then immediately displays the result of the calculation. If the app does not understand your scribbled text, it shows a question mark against it and you can rewrite the block. This makes it easy to perform calculation of long formulae and equations on your Android device including Trigonometry, logarithms and constants.

The app may not always understand your handwriting so you may have to scribble the same input multiple times to get the right result. The app offers multiple levels of undo and redo options so you need not rewrite everything in case of a mistake.

The MyScript calculator support Palm rejection – it only detects what you scribble with fingers even if you palm is resting on the display. This makes it easy to use the app on large screen tablets and phablets. Another useful setting is that you can choose the number of decimal places to be visible in calculations.

Although the app does not show any in-app ads, it tends to send a lot of notifications for the various other apps available by the developer.

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