It often happens that you hear a song in a club or on radio and take a liking to it. However, there is no way to find out the name of the song let alone the artist name or any other detail. With your Android phone and a free app called Shazam, this is now possible.

The app’s interface is a breeze to use. There is a large button in the center – tap it once to have the app listen to the playing song, tap it again to stop the listening process. The app would then connect to the Internet and identify the song. It usually takes under a minute to identify most songs. You can also set the app to start listening as soon as it is started

Once the song is identified, you can share it with friends on social networks, buy it off amazon, get the lyrics of the songs, watch the YouTube video or listen to more songs from the same artist.

The app is ad supported. Shazam can help you identify English music as well as Hindi songs.

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