If you are looking for a radio app that plays only Indian music, then Saavn Music is the best choice. Not only is the app free, it is regularly updated with the latest movie and album songs as well.

For first time users, the app requires you to create a free account, or login using Facebook. This way Saavn can save your personal favorite radio stations for quick access the next time you login. There are stations based on mood, genre and song type to select. Once you select a station, it will play the songs one after the other and show detailed information about the song as well. You can rate the song, share it with others and even add it to your playlist.

Saavn works over Wi-Fi as well as a data connection. It lets you select the song quality in settings – if you have a slow Edge connection, you can select low quality to save on data cost and switch to high quality when connected to Wi-Fi. Additionally, the app also offers music in various local languages – Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Gujarati.

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