Hiring a home decorator is expensive but if you have an Android device, you can use Autodesk’s free HomeStyler app to decorate your home on your own virtually before finalizing on a design.

To get started, you can snap a picture of your room from the device camera, load an existing image or choose from one of the various blank room images that are preloaded with the app. If you capture a photograph, the app intelligently identifies visible corners. You can then align the walls with room corners and adjust measurements as per your actual room size.

Once you have loaded an image, the app lets you style the room by offering a bunch of options. You can change colours of the walls or try out different kind of wallpapers. You can experiment with the paint, populate your room with different kind of furniture, lighting, trees/plants as well as pieces of art.

Everything is arranged in categories so it’s easy to find items for your room. You can proceed to add doors, windows, columns, flooring and even dummy people to the room. Every item can be resized and can be placed anywhere on the canvas.

After you have finished the design, the app lets you save the image or share it with other apps. Keep in mind that you are required to sign-up for an account if you want to share your design with the 3D community.

The app also has a 3D design stream and a photo gallery section where you can view designs shared by other users and like/comment on them.

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