Wouldn’t it be nice if your phone switches to vibrate mode automatically when you step into the office. Or it goes silent when it is time for dinner or late at night. The automation app Llama can help you manage the sound profiles of your phone based on your current location.

Be warned though. Llama is powerful but the interface is less intuitive and make involve a good learning curve. The app can change your ringer volume, set the phone to vibrate mode or even use different ringtones.

Llama uses only cell tower signals and not GPS or mobile data to understand your current location. As you use the app, additional places can be added along with sound profile for each area. Llama also asks the amount of time you will spend on a newly added area for analysis of usage behavior. Initially, the app has to be trained to detect your location and accordingly change audio profiles.

You can long-press a cell tower mention in the list to manually add it to an area or to remove it from an area if it was learned incorrectly. During the training, you can also change Llama profiles manually from the Events tab. From the settings, you can get Llama to automatically return to your general audio profile after a set time if the ringtone is reduced using volume keys.

The possibilities are endless. You can set your family and close friends to ring even if your phone is set to silent. You can turn off the Wifi upon leaving home. The app does not display any advertisements though it accepts donations.

[*] GPS doesn’t work inside homes areas or if the phone is in your bag or pocket. Also, GPS uses up your battery so Llama’s approach is better though a defined location may cover a large area just like cell tower signals and thus may not be very accurate.

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