Shifu is like your virtual assistant that tries to understand the pattern of your phone usage and tries to figure out the time when you may be free to complete one or more of your pending tasks. Maybe there was a missed phone called from your friend and you need to call back. Maybe its your friend’s birthday and you haven’t wished him yet. Shifu can automatically remind you to do these task when you may have some free time.

The app can be used for setting up location based reminders or geo-fencing alerts. For instance, you can set up a reminder to pick up eggs when you are crossing the Grocery store.

One of my favorite feature of Shifu is in-call reminders. Very often it happens that you have to discuss something with a friend but the thing slips your mind when you are talking to him over the phone. With Shifu, you can write a note and it will show on the phone screen whenever you make a call to that person.

Finally, there’s an option to setup WiFi based alerts. For instance, you may configure the app to show you a reminder to transfer the videos from the phone to the computer when you are connected to the home WiFi.

The app has no ads and registration is optional.

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