Schematic Mind is a minimalist mind mapping application for Android that won’t overwhelm you with features and options that you would rarely or never use.

The app’s main window displays a list of all your existing mind maps along with a guide, in the form of a mind map itself, to help you get started. Using the app is easy – just enter a central topic (node) and it will appear on a white background as a circle through everything from the background color to the node shape to the border style can be customized. You can tap anywhere on the empty background to add a sub-topic to the currently selected node. There is also an option of adding icons along with the topic for quick visualization.

Navigation is seamless with basic gestures – pinch to zoom and swipe to move around. A home button on the top bar lets you quickly return to the center of the map. While there is no option to share the Mind map via third party apps, Schematic Mind lets you export them in XML format which you import in the same mind mapping app on your other Android devices.

The app is ad supported with a strip of ad visible all the time at the bottom. Even though it is free, Schematic Mind does not restrict you in any way – you can create unlimited number of maps.

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