The default video player that comes pre-installed on most Android phones does not support all types of video formats. The free MX Player app takes care of this issue as it supports playback of almost all video formats. It is the only player that supports hardware acceleration with multi-core processor support meaning it can use those dual and quad core processors effectively to playback videos.

On launch, the app shows all the videos stored on your device in a list view. You can even search for a particular video by name if you want. While playing a video, you can control the volume and screen brightness by swiping up and down on the left or right side of the screen – useful as you don’t have to use the volume keys or stop the video in between to increase the brightness level. Additionally, the app even offers a pinch to zoom feature and subtitle support for videos. It supports all devices running Android 2.1 or above.

Please note that an additional app called MX Player codecs is required to be installed for MX player to work with various video formats. Although, this might seem a hassle,a separate codec pack means that new codec support can be added for the player without having to go through a big download of the main app.

MX Player is free but the premium version gets rid of the ads.

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