Although there are number of note taking apps available for Android, the official Google Keep app is among the best with a beautiful interface, minimal features and reliability.

The app integrates with your Google account and syncs notes across mobile, tablet and desktop computer through a Chrome extension. Using the app you can quickly write text notes, create to-do lists, voice notes and capture photo notes with your camera.

Google Keep supports OCR so if you capture a news clipping with the camera, it will automatically search the note for text. The voice notes are automatically transcribed into text using the Android’s built-in dictation (voice to text) feature.

A useful home screen widget is also available to perform all the functions without opening the app. The photo note lets you attach multiple images from the camera or the gallery for reference. The app can color code your notes making identification easier without worrying about tags and categories.

You can swipe away a note from the interface to archive it or simply tap and hold it to bring up icons for archive, delete or share. The archived notes can be accessed anytime from the left side menu of the app.

Interface of the app is simple with zero learning curve. All the notes are displayed in a multi-column layout in the main interface. However, there is an option to switch to single column layout from the options menu. All the notes are synced with your Google account and can be viewed in your Google Drive. Additionally, you can set individual reminders for each note – reminder can be time based or location based.

The app works with multiple Google accounts – storing individual notes for each account. This makes it easy to keep personal and work notes separate.

Google Keep is advertisements free. Let’s just hope it stick around and doesn’t meet the fate of Google Notebook.

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