The news from a single source rarely covers every angle to a story. News 360 aggregates news stories, including videos and photos, on the same topic from multiple news websites and blogs thus give you a 360° view.

On launch, you are required to select topics of your interest from a list. You can also search for topics and add them to your newsfeed. The interface is neat with full screen images and a title for each article. You can swipe left to view the next article or tap on the image to read the whole article in a Readability style layout.

The article window also shows other news sources that have covered the same store in scrollable tabs – you can thus quickly switch to a different source for the story without leaving the article window. You can also “mute” sources to block stories from that particular website from appearing in your newsfeed.

You can like or dislike a news article, share it using other apps (social networks, messengers, mail etc.) or save it for reading later. The app refines news each time smartly learning from what kind of article you have liked and disliked.

Using your device’s GPS, the app can determine your location and display local news. A free account signup lets you sync your personalized News 360 feed with multiple devices.

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