Jango Radio offers a more personalized touch to online radio. You can search for your favorite artists and the app then creates a station with similar songs from different artists. There is also an option to view and change the artist lineup that Jango has added to your custom radio station. 

The interface is simple with a large album art image taking most of the space in the middle, title track on top and controls at the bottom. Advanced controls allow you to change the music quality to suit your connection speed and you can also set up a sleep timer  so the music playback stops after the set time.

The app works great over Wi-Fi with fast song buffer. With an EDGE connection it took a few seconds to start the playback, but there were minimal buffering messages during playback. The app works seamlessly in the background with a icon present in notification bar to quickly view the app’s interface.  The only issue is that you cannot manually skip ahead in a song using the timeline.

The app is ad-supported.

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