Your Android device ships with a basic camera app. If you however feel limited by the features offered by your smartphone’s built-in camera, the free Focal app is a good alternative.

The camera’s interface is minimal. The entire display is used as a viewfinder with a touch to focus option. On the right side is the shutter button that also offers access to various shooting modes. Single tap on the shutter button to save the image – a save icon appear on the top left of the screen to notify an image has been saved.

Tap and hold the shutter button to show various modes including front facing, video, panorama, photo and PicSphere which is an alternative to PhotoSphere found in the Google Camera app. While taking videos, you can double tap on the display to save a photo.

Various settings can be accessed from the options panel that can be viewed by sliding up from the bottom of the screen. You get access to flash modes, white balance, effects, exposure, color adjustment, ISO and metering modes. You can pin the setting you tinker most to the main interface for quick access. The app also lets you choose the frame rate for video recording and also offers an HDR video mode. You can put an exposure ring on the interface which will offer better images in low light.

Slide-in from the left of the screen to show the last captured image. The app is currently in Beta and there are no ads.

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