Online advertisers and Internet companies are tracking your activity on the Internet, not for the purpose of snooping but for serving you more personalized search results and more targeted advertising.

When a website embeds any third-party widget, like the Google Plus button, the Facebook Like box or the Twitter’s tweet button, they are giving these sites a license to track you. Also, if you are logged into any of these sites, your online activity can be easily be linked to your browsing history.

Disconnect Me is a simple Chrome add-on that will automatically block advertising companies, analytics services and search engines from tracking you online. There’s no configuration required and as soon as you install the add-on, the tracking is suspended.

How does it work? The add-on basically filters traffic to third-party sites like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter though you can directly access these sites. If a site is embedding widgets from a third-party site, say Facebook, those get blocked.

You can also whitelist sites such that all embedded widgets are served or there’s also an option to enable one or more tracking services on-demand per site.

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