Learnpub make it easy for you to create and publish ebooks in popular formats include PDF, EPUB (iBooks) and MOBI (Kindle). If you have a blog, you can import blog’s RSS Feed into Leanput and it will instantly convert your posts into an ebook.

After signing-up, the service creates a shareable folder in your Dropbox account and any text files that you add to this folder becomes chapters in your eBook. You can either compose the chapters in HTML or use the popular Markdown syntax to apply formatting to your text.

Once you’ve added the text files and images to your ‘manuscript’ folder inside Dropbox, you can preview your ebook on the Leanpub website. Next publish your ebook and Leanpub will also create a landing page where anyone can buy your ebook.

Alternatively, you may manually upload the generated ebook to the Amazon Kindle Store (using KDP) or to Apple’s iBookStore. You can decide the price of your ebook and Leanpub will pay you 90% of the ebook price.

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