At its core, SoundHound works on the same lines as Shazam – the app helps you identify songs playing around you. However, SoundHound offers additional features that make it slightly better than Shazam.

You can tap the SoundHound app once to start the listening and tap again to stop the listening and force the app to identify the song. As a fail-safe, the app automatically stops listening after 15 seconds and then searches its servers to identify the song. Taking things one step further, SoundHound also lets you search for a song by typing the words from a song, artist name or by singing/humming the song.

Once the songs is identified, the app shows various details about it including its album art, release date, artist and the current online radio playing that song. You can also view the music video on YouTube or look up its lyrics on the web. Additionally, the app also lets you search for songs from similar artists.

There is a dedicated section to view the top songs in SoundHound that are most tweeted or were recently found by other users. The app performs great and was able to identify 99% of the songs we tried it with.

SoundHound for Android is ad-supported.

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