You probably have more than one computer in your house and managing these multiple computers can be a hassle. The Splashtop remote desktop app lets you connect and control up to five different computer – Mac or Windows – on the same network from your Android phone or tablet.

Splashtop requires server software to be installed on each desktop computer. You need to sign-up for a Splashtop account to connect a computer with your smartphone/tablet. The server software has a number of security settings to protect your data. You can set the app to ask for an additional security code or the computer login password to connect. There is also an option to set a “Blank screen” option – it requires an additional display driver to be installed. When activated, the computer screen is greyed out so the user cannot see what you are doing on the computer remotely.

The app’s interface is simple. Login to your Splashtop account to access the connected computers and you can then remotely control them. The app offers three modes to control and navigate the computer – multi-touch gestures, a trackpad mode and Windows 8 touch mode. You can change between the modes anytime from the toolbar. You can also smoothen or sharpen the text display on your device’s screen, mute or unmute volume and lock the screen orientation. Remote keyboard input is also available along with special keys such as Ctrl, Alt, and Windows.

There are a few issues with the app though. You cannot transfer files from the computer to the remote device or vice versa.

The server software works for Windows, Linux and Mac, while the app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You can remotely access your computers on 3G or a different WiFi network but for a fee.

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