Podax is a basic yet functional app for enjoying podcasts on your Android phone or tablet.

On first run, the app asks you to add an RSS feed for subscribing to podcasts. Tapping the menu icon on top left opens a sidebar from where the user can switch to the player, manage playlist and podcasts or search within the app for a particular episode. There are quick links to add a new RSS feed, view the top podcast from iTunes or sync your already subscribed podcasts on GPodder.

The podcast player window is simple with playback controls, timeline, and artwork display. Various details regarding the episode including the total playback length along with a summary of the episode is also visible in the player window.

The app offers settings to choose storage volume and to use only WiFi or both WiFi and data connection for downloading new episodes. Another useful feature is that Podax offers quick playback controls on lock screen as well as the notification window.

One issue with the app is that it does not show the total download size of an episode. A progress bar is visible in the playlist window, but that does not show any other detail than percentage completion. Also, you cannot play an episode unless its completely downloaded.

The app is ad-free and if you are looking for a lightweight free Podcast player, Podax is recommended.

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