Most Android phones come preloaded with voice recorder apps but they have basic features. If you need a more powerful voice recording solution, the free Smart Voice recorder app for Android is a good choice.

A large red button in the center lets you start or end the recording session. The spectrum display provides the live audio volume levels of the recording – useful to adjust the placement of your phone for a better recording. A useful option is the ‘Skip Silence’ checkbox at the bottom – the app will only start recording when it hears something.

You can set the audio quality manually – choose between 8Khz (phone quality) to 44.1Khz (CD quality). Additionally you can also set where the recordings will be stored and configure the app to add date and time to the name of the recording.

Other useful options include hiding your recording from being visible to media players, switch your device automatically to silent mode during recording, pause when a phone call comes and notify if an audio file is too large before sharing.

You can view the date, time, duration and file size of your recordings, share them directly or listen to them from the Recording page. You can even set a recording as your ringtone, notification or alarm tone from the app itself.

The app is ad supported.

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