Time Lapse is a growing trend in the photography domain. In Time lapse, frames are captured at a slower frame rate and then played back at normal frame rate – this makes the time to move faster in the video and is called lapsing. You can easily create Time Lapse videos on your Android phone using the free Lapse It app.

Before recording, you can set the interval time between pictures (in minutes, seconds or milliseconds), choose the resolution (up to 480p supported in lite version) and set the digital zoom. Now start the capture and hold the device steady (or use a stand). You can also lock auto exposure and white balance before the recording.

After the recording is completed, the app lets you add a timestamp, set it to play backwards, loop it as well as flip it vertically/horizontally. You can also trim the video to your preference and add colour effects. Once done with the post processing, you can choose the playback frame rate and save the video to your device.

You can sign-up for a free account using your email address. The account lets you upload your time lapse videos on the Lapse it network for sharing. Its built-in gallery lets you view all your videos, access trending videos from the Lapse It network. From the gallery, you can edit the video or send it via mail, Bluetooth or store it on the cloud.

The Lite app adds a 2 second promotional advertisement at the end of video. You can upgrade to Pro version by paying US$ 1.99 (Rs159). Other than disabling the ad, Pro version lets you record in full HD, enables use of front camera and gives the option to add music to the video. The pro version also lets you import images stored on your android device to create time-lapse videos.

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