At times you may want to broadcast live video to your friends or family instead of making them wait till you upload it to a video-sharing site like YouTube. The free Ustream app is a simple and hassle free solution for streaming live video and it takes a minute to get started.

A free Ustream account is required to use the app for broadcasting videos and you can sign-up from within the app itself.

Ustream offers broadcasting as well as viewing live video from a single app. Home page of the app displays a list of current live event organized in topics such as Sports, entertainment, news, music and so on.

On top is a dedicated button to start a live broadcast. When you launch a live broadcast, it takes a few seconds to connect to the Ustream server and displays a your broadcast link along with option to share the live feed on Facebook or Twitter. A useful feature is that you can switch between front and rear camera and switch the flash on from without pausing the broadcast.

The broadcast window shows number of viewers watching your broadcast on the app. It also allows you to ask a poll from your audience or chat with them without disrupting the broadcast. There are also options to set sharing to Facebook and Twitter automatically when you start a new broadcast.

We noticed a lag of around 10- 30 seconds (depending upon connection) between the view on the device and the live feed on a browser. Quality of the broadcast is good enough for viewing on a laptop or tablet screen.

The free version of the app is ad supported. It displays banner ads in the app and a video ad for your stream on the website.

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