Subsonic music streamer streams music from your desktop computer to your Android phone or tablet. The app has some unique features that makes it better than similar apps like it transcodes music on the fly while streaming to provide optimum sound output.

Like most streaming apps, Subsonic also requires you to download a server client on to your Windows/MAC/Linux computer. After the server is installed, it requires you to setup your subsonic server. The setup includes access to your music collection, adding various users who can access the server, as well as setting up a personal server address name to access music over  the Internet. You can also setup rules for every user including the option to download/upload and share files.

Once the server setup is done, you can use the server address on the Android app to to access your music collection. The Android app supports up to three servers  for accessing music on different computers. It also gives the option to select the bitrate for streaming music over Wi-Fi or over a cellular data connection. If you have admin access, you can also cache songs for offline listening into the app. You can also preset phone storage that has to be used for caching songs. The app supports albums, playlists and allows you to search through your collection on the go as well.

The only gripe is that even though the app is free, the server software is time limited and after the trial is over you have to donate some money to be able to access the server over the internet.

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