Most time-lapse apps on the Play Store are either ad supported or require you to upgrade to the Pro version for full functionality. However, the free Droid Timelapse App stands out as it offers no restrictions on any feature and works seamlessly.

The app’s interface is very similar to the usual camera interface – this makes it easy for a user to use the app. On the left side, all the settings are listed as icons. You can set capture rate, delay timer, flash mode, white balance, focus mode as well as color effects before starting the video recording.

A good thing about the app is that is lets you record videos in maximum resolution supported by your device’s camera – you just need to set the resolution from the settings. Also, you can set the duration of the video between 6 seconds to Infinite (depending on your device storage).

During the recording, you can touch the screen to adjust focus. After the video is recorded, it is automatically stored on your device. The app does not have a built-in video player and you have to play the video using third party apps such as VLC or MX player.

While the free version is fully functional and does a great job, the developers also offer a Pro version with additional settings. The Pro version supports recording while display is off and adds exposure compensation settings.

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