is a beautiful app for Android to help you manage your daily tasks and to-do lists. You can even set reminders to call, text or email any of your contacts from with the app.

The app displays all your tasks in a list sorted by due date. A large input box on the top makes it easy to add notes. You can either type your task or tap the microphone to dictate and the app will transcribe your voice.

While typing a new task or not, the app predicts and suggests suitable contacts as well as common terms to save your time. You can touch a suggested contact to create a reminder to call, SMS, email or meet the particular person.

Selecting a note on the main page brings up a sub menu. You can change the priority status, attach a reminder, add additional details to the task or share it with any of your contacts. A note can be quickly marked as done by just swiping it.

One of the most impressive features of the app is that it can automatically create reminders for missed calls so you’ll never forget to call back. It gives the option to call the number back or create a reminder for calling later. If you are already speaking to someone and another call comes in, pops up a window with option to send a preset SMS to the caller.

You can sign-up for an account to sync your notes over the cloud. If you don’t want to sync your notes, you can choose to skip the registration process. You can also can send mails to from your registered email address to add notes.

The app is free to use and not ad supported.

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