Wondering how much time you spend on the Internet every day? And how much of that time is spent on less-productive things like checking your Facebook Feed or the cat videos on YouTube?

Web Timer is a Chrome extension that will help you keep track of how you’re using your time online. It tracks what websites you are visiting and how many minutes you spend looking at each of them.

There’s some intelligence built in for more accurate data. The background timer is only activated when Google Chrome is in focus and your computer isn’t left in an idle state for more than 30 seconds. That means if you have gone to grab a cup of coffee, that time won’t be counted.

The reports are available as a pie chart and you can also share the data with friends with the click of a button. You also have an option to disable the tracking timer for a custom list of sites.

Internally, all the tracking data gets stored in your browser’s local storage and won’t be transmitted to a 3rd party website.

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