There are a number of photo editors available for Android that let you enhance photographs using brushes and effects. However, most of these editors would apply the effect on the full image and not inside a selected area. The free Repix app lets you edit selected area of an image with an intuitive user interface and unique editing tools.

The main interface starts you off with a random photo from Repix’s database. You can try out different tools and effects for getting familiar with the app. The side panel has options to import photos from the gallery for editing or you can take a new image using your device’s camera.

Once the image is loaded, various effects such as posterize, dotter, edger and so on are visible as pencil heads below the image – you can select an effect and swipe your fingers to apply the effect on the area of your choice.

You can apply a single effect or add frames to the entire photo with one tap. If you want to crop a image, you get options among various preset aspect ratios or you can manually select the area you want to be cropped. Further editing options include control of brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrance, temperature and vignetting.

After you are done editing, the app lets you either save the image directly to the gallery, upload to Picasa or share it via mail or social networks. A great thing about Repix is that it supports the pressure sensitive SPen stylus on the Samsung Galaxy Note devices and also supports the AirView function available on the Samsung Galaxy S4. This allows for precise editing of image on these supported devices.

There are no advertisements in the app. The free version gives you a limited set of options in each menu. You can add more effects and tools by purchasing them from the in-app store.

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