Most mobile phone users maintain two audio profiles – silent (while they are in meetings) and normal (for regular use). When you switch to one profile – say the silent mode – you have to manually switch your phone to the normal mode else your phone will continue to stay silent.

The free Shush app lets you switch between profiles automatically so you’ll never miss another important call because the phone was in mute mode.

The app is activated when you use the volume button to switch between audio profiles. When it detects that you have moved the phone to silent profile, it provides you an option to turn back the ringer on automatically after a set time.

You can increase or decrease the time with a 15 minutes difference and even set what should the ringtone volume be when the ringer switches on. The other option is to keep the ringer off so that it can be switched on manually. When the ringer is set to switch on after particular time, Shush shows the time in the notification bar at which the ringer will switch on automatically.

You can instantly switch the ringer on by tapping the notification in the Android Drawer menu. The app is free and there are no ads.

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