While most of Autodesk’s desktop software are highly priced, their photo-editing app for Android called Pixlr Express is absolutely free and fantastic.

Like most photo editing apps, Pixlr also gives you the option to choose an image from your gallery or take a new one with your device camera. In addition, it also gives you the option to create a photo collage. Pixlr’s interface is streamlined as the tools are clubbed under logical groups like effects, overlay, borders, text and stickers. Tap on a heading to opens up a submenu with various tools in an animated spread of blocks. For instance, the Overlay mode puts an additional layer of graphics – like fire or bubbles – on top of your image along with the option to select the intensity of the overlaid image.

You can also add text on top of an image – select the text tool, choose the font, colors and input the text. It will appear on the image and you can increase decrease its size using pinch to zoom or rotate it as per choice.

To keep the download size of the app low, the app comes with a limited set of effects and tools by default. However, additional ones can be downloaded from within the app for free.

After you are done editing the image, the app gives you the option to save it or share it. Either option first gives you the option to save the image first in different sizes.

The free app has no visible advertisements through the interface.

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