While recording an audio on an Android device is easy, transferring multiple voice recordings from your device to the computer can be cumbersome. The Tape-a-Talk voice recorder app does take care of this issue.

Like most voice recorders, the interface is simple with one-click buttons for recording the voice. The most recent recordings are displayed as a list and can be played directly from the page. You can also share the recordings via mail or upload to your Dropbox.

A useful feature is that you can append an existing recording – it will continue recording from where the last recording ended. The app also gives you the option to cut a part of the recording and save it as a separate file – useful if you just want a part from a long recording.

Various other nifty options are available for users who like to tinker with settings. You can choose to record in 3gp or wav format, choose a sample rate as well as select between 8 and 16 bit format. Other useful options include seek using volume keys, record using camera button and set the app’s orientation.

The best feature is that the app can automatically send your recording via mail. Once you setup the default recipients, subject and text from settings, the app will automatically start sending your audio recordings. Do keep in mind that there is no option to send mails over WiFi only – so you data consumption will be increased.

The voice recording app is ad-supported.

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