Be it home or work, you will have multiple WiFi networks around you often causing interference with one another. Using the free WiFi Manager app, you can easily analyze the WiFI networks around your vicinity and use the information to improve the connection quality of your own network.

The app displays all the available networks in a list along with their channels and signal levels. Below the SSID (name) of each network, are the security settings of each connection. If you select any of the networks, you can also see the router’s MAC address and the speed of the network.

A useful feature is the graph view of the channel coverage provided by each WIFi network in your area marked with different colours. Using the graph, it becomes easy to identify WiFi network interferes with your personal network and which channels you can switch to eliminate the issue.

There are a number of settings available including an option to view channels in 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz band or in both bands. Through the settings you can set the app to notify you via sound/vibrate if it detects an open network. It can also be setup to switch to the best available network if there are multiple known networks around.

Various home screen widgets are also available for the app. The widget let you disable WiFi or view basic/advanced details about the network. It also gives an option for a paid quick WiFi switch widget that is part of the app’s Premium features and costs US$ 1.75.

However, even the free version of the app is fully functional and does not show any advertisement.

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