Most newer Android devices come with built-in functionality to generate a WiFi hotspot. Thus if you have a data connection on your mobile phone, you can use share that connection with your laptop and other mobile devices over WiFi.

If you have an older Android device that lacks the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, you can use the free FoxFi app to generate a hotspot.

You can activate your WiFi Hotspot with a single tap (data connection required). Additionally, you can set a name for the hotspot (SSID) and assign a password to prevent other from connecting to your WiFi zone. The app only lets you use WPA2 standard for improved wireless security. Once the basic setup is done, you can start the hotspot service and connect other devices to your mobile hotspot to share internet access.

The app also offers USB tethering and Bluetooth tethering for devices that do not have WiFi capabilities such as a desktop or older laptops. For USB tethering, USB debugging has to be enabled from the Settings on the Android device. Once USB debugging is enabled, connect the phone and your desktop via a data cable to share the data connection of your phone to your computer.

The free version imposes a usage limit on your data connection sharing via the hotspot. You can remove this limit by purchasing the full version via in-app purchase.

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